Museum Professionalism

The SAMA strategic plan highlights that professionalism is a critical matter to be addressed. Unlike other organisations and associations, such as those to which archaeologists or architects are affiliated, museum professionals are not registered and are not required to belong to a professional body. Museum posts are not defined or designated and are therefore not being accepted for SAQA registration. This causes challenges in the museum sector. Some of the challenges are: no standard set of requirements for posts; salaries of museum workers differing vastly from one organisation to another; and, where museums fall under the control of departments or municipalities, employers often do not understand the requirements for posts in the museum sector.

As a result of discussions with members, SAMA Council has formed a subcommittee that will deal with the registration of museum professionals and SAMA as an organisation. The Committee was established 2018 with the following members: Regina van Vuuren (chair), Mary Minicka, Maggie Loubster and June Hosford.

Extract from article in Samantics (August 2020) by Regina Jansen van Vuuren.